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The fresh water constitute only arround 3% of the total water on earth and less than 1% is in the form of lakes and rivers. Considering the rapidly increasing human population and demand for diverse food items crop production must increase substantially.

At the same time arable land and good quality irrigation water resources are being depleted at faster rate particularly in the arid, semi-arid and tropical regions. Over the years the salinization of soil and water has steadily increased due to various causes and the increase in food production has essentially depends on this degrading resources.

Since the balance between water demand and water availability has reached critical level in many regions of the world a sustainable approach to water resources and salinity management has become imperative.

Ultimately the water cycle is one planetary system, so better treatment of water in one industry can have positive effects in another. If less chemicals are used to soften water or keep reservoirs or pipes clean, there are ultimately less chemicals entering the water supply which will at some stage end up in irrigation systems. And if less chemicals or hormones are used in animals’ drinking water, this is kept out of precious groundwater.

On a human level, efficient systems also translate to more efficient workflows, with employees and managers spared the time and costs previously associated with maintenance of water systems.

On a wider societal level, if growers in water-scarce regions can sustainably transform their poor-quality water to use for irrigation, this leaves precious potable water available for human consumption.

This is circular sustainability and the improvement of water efficiency from tap to field and beyond.

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